Monday, July 27, 2015

happy anniversary

shy and i just recently celebrated our second year anniversary. there were so many things that  helped us grow in our second year of marriage. the obvious big one is having our sweet little baby. having a baby definitely changes the makeup of a marriage. we were both raised so differently, so coming together on how to raise a baby has been a little challenging. there has definitely been arguments on what do when its bedtime, or dinner time, or bath time, or nap time ok you get it. although there have been disagreements, there has never been so much joy in our marriage. becoming parents has changed how we value spending time with each other. a night out with out the baby is like liquid gold. i love having time with just the two of us. it has helped us see how important taking time to do little things for each other is. for our anniversary we went up to salt lake and spent a night in the peer hotel. i begged shy ever since i saw that it was supposedly haunted. apparently the elevator is haunted by ghosts. it is the oldest hotel in utah and the elevator can only carry three people at a time, but it was perfect for us. in fact in the morning we were headed to breakfast, when we stepped on the elevator and hit the button i started thinking about the ghost when all of a sudden the whole room went black. the power went off for a split second and then i got all spooked and was glad to be leaving her here. for dinner we went and ate at la caille. we had eaten there once before in high school when he had taken me for my birthday. how a high schooler could afford a 200 dollar meal was beyond me, because we could barley afford it now. it was such an amazing dinner. the food was absolutely incredible. we felt so rich sipping our lemonade and eating such exquisite food. we sat out side and they have peacocks wandering around the grounds. one came up to our table and i could have died. one of my favorite parts was when they brought out a chocolate mousse plate that said happy anniversary with a sparkler on it. just another reason why i love shyer, he always makes things so special.

there are so many reasons why i am completely in love with shyer. he is everything that i am not, and i would like to say that i am the things he is not. alone we are not as much, but when we are together we are the perfect pair. he is the most service orientated person i know. constantly looking to help others, which i need help to do. he works so hard for our little family, often staying up late in the night to study, since he spent time with the two of us. everyone knows that if i don't get enough sleep i am like the troll in lord of the rings. shyler is always teasing me that i have such a child like faith that helps him remember what is important.  i am so blessed to be sealed to my sweetheart for eternity. the best decision i ever did do was ask him to the sadie hawkins dance. love you to the moony moon moon, to infinity and beyond.

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  1. nothing makes me happier than when you blog! and nothing makes me happier than the sadie hawkins dance and that dang algebra class we had when you fell in love.