Sunday, July 26, 2015

welcome to roley city high school.

murder. murder murder. yes, we love how to host murder parties. hannah threw one that was just, oh so fun. it took place in the 50's. which just so happens to be my favorite time period. ever. shy and i have actually have been quite busy lately and put our costumes off until an hour before the party. lucky for us we happened to have all we needed stashed away in our closet. shy and i were a couple named Cal and Pris. we were the nerdy, studous pair. which i think is fitting for one of us hee hee.
the decorations were perfect and it felt like we were in a real diner, sipping coke, eating onion rings and club sandwiches. 
unfortunately i was in charge of dessert. i brought a cookie dough pie that just would't quite cook, so it was more like a soup. heaven knows i need some cooking classes. poor shyler either gets chicken and rice for dinner or pancakes. those are my two specialties. 
after four rounds of trying to figure out which one of us murdered poor Rocky Roley, we finally cast our votes and all information came to light. yes folk, it looks like i married a murderer.
shyler, or should say Cal, killed that rockstar Rocky.


  1. obsessed with your farrah fawcett bangs!!!

  2. um i want to be at all your parties.